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Enjoying the Sunshine

This is a nice natural set in my comfy joggers and bare feet that soon turned into a naughty one!! from lounging in the hot sun reading my book to slowly revealing my naked body and playing with my hard cock… Look what the hot weather does to me :D

The only with problem Venus giving a training lesson to a new Production Assistant here at, is well, Venus doesn’t work here. She’s not the one who tells you how to wash cocks or clean lube of a leather couch. But she convinces Mia Li that she’s a full to staff employee who can help her learn her new job!

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She gets Mai to agree to a bondage lesson and as soon as the new PA is bound, Venus relieves her true intention – the need for a blow job!

Her cock springs from her nylon stockings and down Mia’s throat. Mia is excited that this is part of her “training” – she’s not as naive as she let on. She can spot a dom when she sees one and she’s happy to oblige Venus in her game. Venus uses the cuffs, gags, floggers, spreader bars and rope to restrain Mai and they both fuck and cum all over the bondage gear and their hot sex echoes through the bondage storage room.


The Leak Pt1

I’ve had this tranny girlfriend for several months now and until recently I’d kept my ass virginity intact.. I’m not gay, far from it, but this shemale I met online is hotter than any girl I’ve seen in person and so we’ve become good friends and regular fuck buddies, but more than anything else she gives the best blow jobs you could imagine! I love laying on the bed with my hands behind my head as she does her stuff, deepthroating my cock until it explodes. After a recent nice long suck session, I could hear strange noises coming from the kitchen, but I didn’t want to stop receiving head until I emptied my balls in her mouth. As soon as I shot my load I ran to the kitchen, leaving her face covered in my spunk, and saw that the sink was leaking. There I was, bent under the sink trying to close the pipes and stop the leak, with my bare ass stuck up in the air, when suddenly I felt the full force of her large shemale cock thrust up my hole!! The strange thing was although it hurt at first, within a few moments of her pounding away at my butt I was starting to enjoy it, and rather than throw her off I was yelling at her to fuck me harder and deeper! I was soon out from under the sink, holding my cheeks apart, enjoying the full force of her dick as she fucked me all over the kitchen as the water continued to spray out on the floor..

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Today we introduce the incredible fiery redhead shemale beauty Pamella Halquina in sizzing solo action. This is Pamella’s first time with us! Watch as this naughty tranny shows off her body in a slow striptease before whipping out her thick cock and stroking it until it explodes.


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The Debut of Bambi Prescott

Bambi is house sitting at her neighbors place. She’s bored and TV is barely keeping her awake. When a late night package delivery shows up, Bambi is quick to act on the tough guy that stands in the doorway.
She convinces him to come up stairs to check out a noise that is scaring her and before he can say no his pants are open and she is licking at his cock. He stiffens, what can it hurt to get a little head….
Bambi nearly skips around the bed, playing her game, keeping him just on the edge of horny while she switches up between tying his hands and sucking him deep in her mouth.
When he is completely bound, Bambi whips out her cock and shoves it in his mouth. Bound, helpless and with his own cock still hard, he begs for mercy but the only way out of this rope, is by giving up his ass.

T-Blonde for You

shemaletugjobs1Model: Dany Bionda
Movie length: 17 minutes
Photos: 200

This sweet and sexy blonde shemale has a killer body and she loves exposing every inch of it while all eyes are on her. Dany is a lovely tranny babe that keeps her body in toned and lean shape from her sexy legs to her tight tummy. Her ass is firm and round and her shecock is smooth, hard and always ready for some tugging play time fun. She loves getting naughty in the hot tub rubbing her tiny tits until her nipples are pebble hard. And this blonde t-girl knows just how to tease for the camera and steam up the afternoon. She slowly strips out of her little black bikini while she lets the water spray over her tight ass, spreading her cheeks just enough to show us that tight puckered hole. But all that teasing and stroking has its affect on this horny shemale and she can’t resist stroking in earnest, harder and faster, until she is shooting her hot and sticky shemale cum load all over her thigh and tight abs.

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Poolside Fun


Jeremy was relaxing at the pool, floating on his air-bed, on the water, soaking up the sun without a care in the world.. Little did he know Ana and Wendy, two hot and hung local shemales, were having oral sex behind the poolside bar. Jeremy may not have spotted them but they soon spotted Jeremy floating in nothing but his tiny trunks. Jeremy had the girls rubbing their hard cocks in horny hunger, desperate to fuck his straight, virgin holes. They called Jeremy over for a drink and chatted with him about his holiday, and Ana soon began to flirt. Before long she was in the pool with him, rubbing his dick and then giving him the blow job of his life. Jeremy was still unaware that he was being blown by a tranny, but the head was so amazing he didn’t seem to care at all when Ana stood up and her large lump of ladyboy meat flopped out. Ana instantly thrust her dick into Jeremy’s mouth and began to throat fuck him with all her might, almost choking him with every hard, deep pump. With tears still running down Jeremy’s face, Ana withdrew her weapon and swiftly sat in Jeremy’s lap, riding his dick, and encouraging him to fuck her in every position he knew.. After blowing a huge cum load deep in Ana’s ass the randy couple swam over to grab a drink from the bar. But Jeremy wasn’t about to get any rest just yet as Wendy decided it was her turn to get some fresh meat and ass by the poolside. The girls pulled Jeremy back out of the water and tag teamed his holes with no mercy! Making sure he received a holiday he’d never forget.

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We are featuring some nasty hardcore action for you in this new Transex Bareback scene! Watch the lovely Erika Santiago deep throat a big cock, get her ass relentlessly pounded bareback and her beautiful face get covered in cum. Don’t miss this update!

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The cute girls can’t get their cable to work so they call their neighbor – he’s always been a real helpful guy – and ask if he’ll come and have a look at it for them. It’s just white fuzz when he walks in but in a few moments he has everything working again. The ladies are awfully cavalier about their bodies so they walk around topless, flashing their tits at the lucky neighbor. He tries not to stare too obviously but with gorgeous breasts like that staring at you it’s pretty hard not to ogle. Luckily for him the girls are horny sluts and they love being looked at. They also love cock so it’s not long before they pull off their bottoms and reveal gorgeous shemale dicks swinging between their legs. He’s always had an affection for shemales so he can’t believe his luck. He lives next to two gorgeous shemales and now they’re basically offering themselves to him for a wild time. He’s not going to pass that up so you get to see the lot of them fooling around in a wild hardcore threesome. Shemale asses are pounded hard!

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