Nerd Finds Love

Horace never had much luck with the ladies, and by that we mean he had absolutely no luck whatsoever. Not only was he the only black guy at his school but he was also the biggest nerd in the state, with glasses so thick EVEN Woody Allen would have been jealous. However, his luck to a turn for the better on his first day in college.. Horace was still struggling to fit in, although everyone was new, but this time something very different was happening to him. A sexy hot white chick at the back of the class kept winking at him, he couldn’t concentrate on the lesson and a boner was growing in his pants, so large that it was almost tipping his desk over. This chick was perfect, with long sexy legs, massive tits and sweetest round bubble butt he had ever seen! After class the girl approach nervous Horace and introduce herself. Her introduction went beyond the normal formalities Horace was use to, and he was soon being taken back to her dorm room where they started to make out. Horace was concentrating so hard on not cumming in his pants before she had even got his dick out, he hadn’t noticed that this sexy chick had a hung cock of her own. Horace tried to touch her pussy, but he felt her huge weapon. But Horace didn’t care, this chick was so hot and he didn’t want to die a virgin, so he fucked her face, tits and sweet ass until his balls could hold back no long.. He may not be the coolest kid in school, but his first girlfriend is the hottest tranny in class!

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Silvia Bianco is tied to the stairs and made to wait for her Mistress. She is patient and eager, desperate to get her mouth around Mistress Nicole’s massive cock. She will suck her off until she is ready to plow deep into her pussy and ass. Mistress Nicole squeezes the cum from the rubber all over Silvia and makes her finger fuck it into her pussy and mouth. Silivia is a dirty slave with holes begging to be used. Mistress Nicole fucks her greedy bottom until she cums again, this time all over Silvia’s ass.


A Classic Three’s Company Mix-up Porn

Welcome back the ever sexy Vaniity to in this feature threesome shoot with Baretta James and newcomer, Tyler Woods.

Beretta is in the middle of her FuckingMachines shoot when her jealous boyfriend bursts on to set. Everyone is ready to punch this guy out of the building but Beretta manages to calm everyone down and get her man, quietly off set. She makes him wait in the set next door until she is done.
The only problem is the now pissed off boyfriend is fuming. When Vaniity walks in and mistakes him for her scene partner, he plays along thinking he might as well get his cock sucked a little since his girlfriend will not listen to him and quit porn.
Small problem with this horny logic. Vaniity thinks he is her scene partner which means an ass fucking for him with her big cock. Wha?

Beretta walks in at the perfect moment to see her man loving a little head from Vaniity and she gets the rope.

Now Tyler is tied to the bed and his girlfriend is pissed and the hot stranger lady is rubbing her throbbing cock between his ass cheeks looking from the tight virgin hole to fuck. So tight his hole, his man pussy is just puckered shut until Vaniity slips her cock deep inside him and works him open.

Beretta is LOVING this moment, she crushes him into the mattress and lets Vaniity fuck her pussy and ass while he lays there listening and feeling nothing but the weight of humiliation on his back..

Vaniity drills both of them until she cums in their mouths. But the best fucking happens after Beretta has jerked his cock free of his load while Vaniity gently fucks his ass – but wait for it – when he pops – she rams him so fast and hard she’s a blur of fucking and Beretta tightens her grip on his cock for total sensory overload of a worn out ass and post-cum cock. Epic fucking and a great pairing of hot, sexy people who like to fuck every which way to Sunday. This is another top quality feature shoot from the greatest TS site on the web.

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POV time! Who doesn’t get horny at night? I’m no exception, especially wearing a satin nightie with no underwear… so after putting it on I start to get turned on and hard, and it soon comes back off as I stroke my rock hard cock! If only I wasn’t alone.

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Welcome the fabulous Bruna Azevedo to the site, this is one tgirl you’re not gonna want to miss! Bruna has it all, strong feminine curves, big tits, round ass and a thick cock. Watch as this naughty tgirl newcomer shows it all off before masturbating for all of you guys and girls.


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Jaquelin and Tatum are high glass criminals in a low class hideout. After an annoying bicker-fest that neither of them really wants to have, they squeeze next to each other on the twin bed and kiss and make-up! The kissing quickly leads to face fucking (you know, as kissing does!), and Jaquelin takes full control of the scene.

She pounds his ass and strokes his dick that says rock hard the entire time she is fucking him. Even after he cums, Jaquelin’s hotness arouses his dick and he’s hard again in minutes.

Jaquelin puts that hard cock to work and demands that he fuck her until she cums. A hot scene between two sexy, buff babes who really like kiss and fuck.

1 2 3 presents a feature update starring Ts Foxxy, Lorelei Lee and Courtney Taylor.

It’s 1930′s and San Francisco’s Barbery Coast is booming with sex, illegal booze and all night speakeasy parties.
Courtney has been knee deep in trouble for months now as mole in a high class call girl sex ring. She has worked her way up and formed alliances with the Queen Pin, Lorelei Lee and her right hand girl, Foxxy. Tonight, Courtney is supposed to prove her loyalty and take her first client.

Back in the hotel room, she gets a call from her police chief – the deal is set to go. Tonight Courtney will bring down a dirty Senator and these two filthy whores. She has visions of stardom and glory. But what Courtney doesn’t know is going to get her seriously punished…. Lorelei and Foxxy are not new to this game. They were on to Courtney and her undercover scheme from day 1 and tonight, they are going to make her pay for lying to them. Tonight we see how well the Little Bird can take a fucking from the ruthless strap-on and fist of Lorelei and the hard missile cock of Foxxy.

It’s an epic all night sex-a-thon that ends with Courtney covered in cum and a surprise ending. It doesn’t look like the Barbery Coast will become the Library Coast any time soon…


Fantasy Vacation

Annalise is bored. She has been spinning in her office chair all day, all week, all year, working in a travel shop. She barely sees clients and when she does she is too tired to care. That is, until a sexy, soft talking, cheating boyfriend needs her help. Rocky is looking for the perfect “I’m sorry” vacation to please his angry girlfriend. What he finds is a woman too tempting to resist even when she whips out her hard cock.
The travel planning is derailed by an afternoon fuck with Rocky being used for Annalise’s pleasure. He takes it all as she gives him a tour of cock sucking and ass fucking.

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