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First time drunk part 2

From the earlier comic, we saw how Priya loved to use her cock when she got drunk. She face-fucked Billy with her big brown cock and make him gag. Now Priya wants some ass and find Billy’s virgin ass tight but very willing. Priya loves fucking that tight ass so much, they can’t pull her off when Billy’s sister is walking to the room.

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Gender Fender Bender

It’s common practice to exchange contact details when you get into a fender bender on the freeway, but less common practice to exchange details when no accident has taken place. I almost hit this cute, feisty chick in a sports car as she pulled out onto the street, and I thought she was going to yell at me as she wound her window down, but to my surprise she handed me her business card and told me I looked like a great fuck. I was in shock, but not shocked enough to refuse her card, and gladly took it just before she drove off into the distance. Later that night I called her up, I was nervous and her voice seemed a bit deeper than I imagined, but she was keen for me to come over to her place so that she could work my cock. I rushed to get ready, speeding straight to her place, only stopping to get some flowers and wine. The gifts were ignored as she pushed them to one side and pulled me into her apartment, immediately pinning me against the wall, kissing me and grabbing my cock. Before I could even blink she was stripping naked, tearing off all her clothes in horny passion, finally standing there with a huge cock swinging between her thighs. For some reason I just wasn’t surprised, nor was I shocked, if anything I was excited and gagging to fuck her ladyboy ass hole. I got my wish, she led me to her bedroom and bent over the bed, inviting me to ram my cock deep in her butt, which I did! We fucked in so many positions, my cock being milked by her tight twitching hole. After riding her all over the room my balls suddenly erupted, with just enough time to withdraw from her hot hole and poke my dick in her mouth, cumming deep into her throat, making her guzzle up every last drop.

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Viviane Merillo makes her first appearance on our site in this new update and it’s hot. Watch as she works over a straight guys ass bareback with her big dick. She starts off by ramming her dick down his throat and then deep up in his ass until she fills him full of hot jizz.

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Today we have the special young tgirl treat Kenya Rodriques back for an encore. Kenya is young, beautiful and is packing an amazing cock. Watch as this tbabe shows off her feminine curves and then strokes and rubs on her big tranny cock until it squirts a big messy load all over.


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Almost Fired!!

I was getting really stressed out at work, I was making a few slip-ups and my new, young boss was a guy the same age as me had already noticed my poor performance performance, it was beginning to feel like he was singling me out. One day, a co-worker told me he was planning on firing me! I hhad to do something, I would seriously be screwed if I couldn’t keep my job!! Out of pure desperation, I had an idea.. I would dress up as a woman, seduce him, and then blackmail him when he found out who I really was, perfect!! I went to my girlfriends’ house for a complete makeover; they shaved me, did my make up, and even found a wig for me to wear. They found some extremely sexy lingerie and dressed me up in this hot ass outfit, when we were all done, I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn’t believe my eyes! I looked like a total hooker slut! I was so surprised that my cock started to grow out from under my thong as I looked at myself!! I knew my boss would be working late that night, as he always would, so I slipped into the building and made my way up to his office. He was shocked and asked who I was, I told him I was his surprise for working so hard, I could tell that he was turned on and that he wanted to fuck me. This was going perfectly! In no time at all, my plan would be complete. I took things further and stared to makeout with him as his hands ran all over my body and through my hair, he spanked my ass and kissed me up and down. Then something came over me, I don’t know why but I made my way down to his hard cock and just started blowing him! I loved it! All of a sudden I lost all control! I stripped off my clothes down to my lingerie and realized that my dick was hanging out of my thong again! I had never seen it so big before, this was amazing! But he didn’t seem to mind, in fact I think he figured out right then who I was! He took my cock in his hand and then bent down to suck my huge erection. I had never been blown like that before in my life! After that, I was so ready for him to bend me over and fuck my tight asshole. He rammed his big cock into me immediately and I felt pure ecstasy. He fucked me so good and so hard, I loved his cock inside me. He flipped me around so that I was facing him and then shot his load into my mouth! It tasted so good, I loved it!! The next day, I ended up not getting fired but instead my boss got me a job as his new hot female secretary so he could dress me up and fuck me in his office whenever he wanted! In the end my plan couldn’t have worked out better!

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Brazilian TS bombshell Cintia Matarazzo

Today we’re featuring the Brazilian TS bombshell Cintia Matarazzo for the first time. Watch as this Brazilian shemale hotbody struts her stuff for the camera in thigh high black boots. If you’ve never seen Cintia before, you’re really going to enjoy this update of her in solo action.


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Sunshyne Monroe

Welcome newcomer Sunshyne Monroe who is just kicking off her porn career and certain to be a firecracker of TS domination.
Sunshyne is a sweet Texan hottie with a nice long cock, beautiful tits and a hot curvy body that makes this sexy girl impossible to deny.

In this debut shoot, Sunshyne seduces a police cadet right in their training classroom, fucking him on the desk, sucking him off and popping a HUGE cum shot as she strokes herself off while teasing her man.

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Tranny Holiday

Kirsty was finding it hard in her new job, quite literally. Being a secret tranny poolside COCKtail waitress she was finding it hard hiding her huge cock in the skimpy bikini she was made to wear as she served the hot babes and dudes around the pool. He cover was finally blown when she lost control serving two particularly sexy young girls on holiday together, she tried to ignore them as they bathed topless on their sun beds but she couldn’t keep down her hung boner and it didn’t go unnoticed. As she turned to serve the girls their drinks they suddenly stood up to reveal massive meaty cock bulges of their own. Kirsty was shocked and dropped the drinks to the floor and as she bent down to pick them up she was forced on to one of the sun beds as the shemale sluts went to work sucking her cock and rubbing her tits. Kirsty always knew she’d have to work hard for her tips but she never realized it would be this much fun. Kirsty was fucked, sucked and fully stuffed with meaty heshe sausage before being forced to serve a creamy ladyboy cocktail fresh from her balls to their hungry mouths..

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