Almost Fired!!

I was getting really stressed out at work, I was making a few slip-ups and my new, young boss was a guy the same age as me had already noticed my poor performance performance, it was beginning to feel like he was singling me out. One day, a co-worker told me he was planning on firing me! I hhad to do something, I would seriously be screwed if I couldn’t keep my job!! Out of pure desperation, I had an idea.. I would dress up as a woman, seduce him, and then blackmail him when he found out who I really was, perfect!! I went to my girlfriends’ house for a complete makeover; they shaved me, did my make up, and even found a wig for me to wear. They found some extremely sexy lingerie and dressed me up in this hot ass outfit, when we were all done, I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn’t believe my eyes! I looked like a total hooker slut! I was so surprised that my cock started to grow out from under my thong as I looked at myself!! I knew my boss would be working late that night, as he always would, so I slipped into the building and made my way up to his office. He was shocked and asked who I was, I told him I was his surprise for working so hard, I could tell that he was turned on and that he wanted to fuck me. This was going perfectly! In no time at all, my plan would be complete. I took things further and stared to makeout with him as his hands ran all over my body and through my hair, he spanked my ass and kissed me up and down. Then something came over me, I don’t know why but I made my way down to his hard cock and just started blowing him! I loved it! All of a sudden I lost all control! I stripped off my clothes down to my lingerie and realized that my dick was hanging out of my thong again! I had never seen it so big before, this was amazing! But he didn’t seem to mind, in fact I think he figured out right then who I was! He took my cock in his hand and then bent down to suck my huge erection. I had never been blown like that before in my life! After that, I was so ready for him to bend me over and fuck my tight asshole. He rammed his big cock into me immediately and I felt pure ecstasy. He fucked me so good and so hard, I loved his cock inside me. He flipped me around so that I was facing him and then shot his load into my mouth! It tasted so good, I loved it!! The next day, I ended up not getting fired but instead my boss got me a job as his new hot female secretary so he could dress me up and fuck me in his office whenever he wanted! In the end my plan couldn’t have worked out better!

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Brazilian TS bombshell Cintia Matarazzo

Today we’re featuring the Brazilian TS bombshell Cintia Matarazzo for the first time. Watch as this Brazilian shemale hotbody struts her stuff for the camera in thigh high black boots. If you’ve never seen Cintia before, you’re really going to enjoy this update of her in solo action.


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Sunshyne Monroe

Welcome newcomer Sunshyne Monroe who is just kicking off her porn career and certain to be a firecracker of TS domination.
Sunshyne is a sweet Texan hottie with a nice long cock, beautiful tits and a hot curvy body that makes this sexy girl impossible to deny.

In this debut shoot, Sunshyne seduces a police cadet right in their training classroom, fucking him on the desk, sucking him off and popping a HUGE cum shot as she strokes herself off while teasing her man.

You can be certain you will see Sunshyne again and that next time she will be even better as she grows into the full throttle Dom that is clawing to get out.

Tranny Holiday

Kirsty was finding it hard in her new job, quite literally. Being a secret tranny poolside COCKtail waitress she was finding it hard hiding her huge cock in the skimpy bikini she was made to wear as she served the hot babes and dudes around the pool. He cover was finally blown when she lost control serving two particularly sexy young girls on holiday together, she tried to ignore them as they bathed topless on their sun beds but she couldn’t keep down her hung boner and it didn’t go unnoticed. As she turned to serve the girls their drinks they suddenly stood up to reveal massive meaty cock bulges of their own. Kirsty was shocked and dropped the drinks to the floor and as she bent down to pick them up she was forced on to one of the sun beds as the shemale sluts went to work sucking her cock and rubbing her tits. Kirsty always knew she’d have to work hard for her tips but she never realized it would be this much fun. Kirsty was fucked, sucked and fully stuffed with meaty heshe sausage before being forced to serve a creamy ladyboy cocktail fresh from her balls to their hungry mouths..

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Emanuelle Rios

Emanuelle is a real head-turner with her long black hair and stunning figure. She’s the perfect babe for your wildest wet dreams and slipping your cock into her would be fantasy any guy who saw her. The fact that she comes with her own cock wouldn’t even matter once you started fucking her.

Hottest Fucking of Ts Cock in a Tight Pussy

The title says it all – Venus works her cock like a machine in and out of Maia who cums multiple times. Venus seduces Miai very slowly during a massage until both girls are totally naked and fucking like mad. Venus drives orgasms out of Miai and cums a nice load all over her back.

Sexy caramel kissed Heather

Heather is one of those sexy trannies that will grab your attention from the very beginning. You can start at the top and enjoy her full round breasts or start with her luscious legs and work your way up to her amazing tranny package that is always ready for action.

Carnival Tugjobs

Sweet tits and a plump ass grabs your attention when you see the sexy Bia, but it’s that big tasty shecock inside her panties that has you licking your lips. She looks hot as a summer day in her gold chains, thong and knee high boots. She rubs on her big she dick getting it rock hard as she strips out of her clothes and gets herself comfortable on the chair. Then she starts rubbing that mouth watering shecock until she spews her sticky jizz load and lets it ooze down her shaft.

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Mia Isabella is known for her cock, her banging looks and her trademark giggle while she fucks. She reaches out beyond herself today and tops Ashli with a crop, rope and commands. This is Mia as you have never seen her before. She unloads on Ashli until Ashli’s only option is to cum over and over again.

New designers in the fashion world are always trying to strike out, be trend setters not followers and to find that niche that makes them famous. Mia and Ashli are modeling the cutting edge designs from a very eccentric up and coming designer. The show is hectic and getting undressed between walks is chaotic for the stylists and the models. In mere glimpses, Mia and Ashli flirt across the cat walk. Their chemistry is like tiny fireworks between the swishes of their latex dresses. Once the show is over, Mia goes to work on getting Ashil out of her designer clothes and on to her cock. It’s a charged up night of fucking right on the stage.

The Halloweenie Pt.2


As Evalina the tranny witch, and Brian the nerdy young stud, lay exhausted and covered in spunk after a long passionate Halloween fuck session, their rest was disturbed by the entrance of Lin, Evalina’s shemale, witch apprentice. Lin very keen to show her mentor just what she could do to a handsome young, hung guy, after hours riding around the woods on her broom Lin already had a huge boner and she soon whipped it out and forced it deep into Brian’s mouth. Brain was tired after fucking Evalina so hard and for so long, but his ass was still untouched, so as Lin throat fucked him it was Evalina’s chance to fuck his behind. She drilled his ass, ramming him like a broken pinball machine, making sure every last millimetre of her meat made it’s away inside of him. Fiercely fucked and spit roasted, Brain didn’t know how to react as all of a sudden he was tossed to one side as the two hung tranny witches began pleasuring each other. Evalina rewarded Lin’s hard throat fucking work with a sloppy blow job, before letting Lin fuck her ass. As Lin fucked he mentor’s ladyboy pussy Brian saw it as his chance to get back into the actions, and he entered Lin’s ass as she continued to fuck Evalina. Things got out of control as they fucked all around the house, fucking so wildly they began inventing new position, including some which could only be achieved by a little magic and a lot of horny determination. Finally, Brian was bent over the giant Halloween pumpkin and they took it un turns to fuck him with ferocity, not letting him rest until they had both unloaded their balls all over his ass and back.

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