Foxxy last costumer of the night is handsome, charming and down right vulnerable. He’s down on his luck with a break-up and doesn’t even see Foxxy’s seductive claws coming out. She gets his cock in her mouth and swirls it around until his head is covered in thick throat spit. He’s so hard, he could pop down her throat, but she’s not ready for him to cum yet. First, she wants to show him her own, incredible, hard penis. She wants to wedge it up his ass and make him scream for more. When she cums, it’s a nice river all over his face from a pile driver fucking. His own hard cock lets go of thick load too which surprises him so much he may have just fallen in love a little….

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Tranny Dominatrix

Starring: Bianca SM
Story: Bianca SM is the best dominatrix for hire around. She knows how to handle her whip… and her cock, because she has one. This sexy tranny domme turns Dariko into her ‘man bitch’ in no time, and the poor man submissively sucks the superior cock, and he groans happily when it slides into his asshole.

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Our Wedding Vows

I guess when you take a ‘mail order bride’ who barely speaks a word of English to be your partner, you should expect the unexpected. She seemed sexy and exotic but also sweet and kind, and so although it was kind of foolish to commit so quickly I couldn’t help be agree to marry her, inviting all my friends and family along to the wedding. On the big day I was nervous, standing at the altar in front of everyone who knew and loved me, about to swap vows with a woman I barely knew, and yet every time I glanced shyly at my young tanned bride-to-be a warm glow of excitement rushed throw my veins and I couldn’t help but smile and then look away like a love struck teenager. Even my most sceptical friends couldn’t help but look on in lust and admiration as she glided down the church aisle like a horny angel.. Everything was going so well and as the priest final reached the close of the service and we both said ‘I do!” I was finally given the go ahead to ‘kiss the bride.’ But as I leaned in to do so I was stopped and told that it was custom in her country for the bride to first put on a little show before the first kiss. It seemed a bit unusually but I was happy to do it, especially if it was to make my new wife happy! First she asked me to drop to my knees as she began to pull up her dress, past her stocking tops and then over her skimpy sexy white panties. Before everyone watching had time to gasp in shock she was pulling her panties down and out flopped a huge thick ladyboy cock, which grew even bigger and harder as she stroked it until it was stiff enough to enter my mouth! Suddenly there I was, on my knees in front of almost everyone I knew, sucking and gagging on a large tranny cock.. and yet I felt no shame or embarrassment as every time I looked up at her through my watering eyes she was just a vision of feminine beauty, and still the sexiest girl I had ever seen! I was soon paying her back as I bent her over and held her butt cheeks apart as I prodded my own thick weapon towards her hole, and then with a final hard thrust I was inside her, banging away at her super tight ass like a piston engine. After I was done it was my turn to ride her cock until we both reached the point of no return and our dicks exploded over each other and it was finally time for me to kiss my bride, as the crowd all whistled and cheered!

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Mistress Tyra Scott is back to TsSeduction to mind fuck, ass fuck, and face fuck a wiling tight ass man slave. First he cleans her tub with a tooth brush, then when she’s bored of humiliating him, she takes him back to the bedroom and fucks the life out of him!
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Used by a Wild Shemale Cleaner


I did not really like the place. As I got more and more drunk I was making up new reasons to hate it. When I noticed this super sexy cleaner, I felt a lot better about the place. What a killer gown she had, running tightly around her mouth-watering curves! Before I could tell myself to stop fucking about, my palm landed on her ass. What an explosion that was! She stood upright and oh my god, a huge meaty cock was headed skywards between her legs. I was in trouble, yet I still had to find out what kind of trouble it was. Before I could say anything, she had me on the table and shoved her thing in my mouth. Something clicked inside, and I submitted to this insane creature. When she was done with my mouth which got pretty sore, she aimed for my virgin ass. Screams of protest were leaving my mouth as she literally banged me into the table. The thing was huge and I was struggling to take it all in strange mixture of desire and resistance. She left my hole, came in my mouth, and returned to her mopping.

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Family Value

Christine doesn’t forget when someone messes with her little Tommy! She doesn’t care if Amanda and Nicole didn’t know it was HER Tommy they were fucking, she is dreaming of payback! She decides to focus her anger, and lust, at Amanda. But fucking Amanda is nothing new so she head to see Amanda’s kinky parents!

Shemale with huge cock Keylla Marques

Today we have a new big cock shemale beauty on display for you to enjoy. Meet Keylla Marques and don’t miss her big cock and phat round ass. Watch as Keylla slowly strips and shows off her feminine side before grabbing ahold of her big package and rubbing one out.


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The Summer House Pt 2

Brad used to be a real party animal in college, but since starting his own business and buying a posh apartment by the beach, he was more concerned about his reputation and what the neighbours may think, then getting drunk, high and laid! But when he found us fucking on his balcony, instead of freaking out at the sight of two hung versatile shemales banging ass where his neighbours could see, he just stood and watched – there was hope for him yet. He finally came down by the pool to speak to us, but when he saw that we were ready to fuck again and wanted to get him involved, he started backing off, finally falling back into the pool! As soon as we pulled him out of the pool we were fighting over whose dick he was suck first, until finally we had both our cocks forced in his mouth. At first Brad was trying to struggle free, but when he felt that warm tranny meat hit the back of his throat he began enjoying himself and it was just like the old crazy Brad was back. The three of us fucked out in the open in every position you could imagine, and more! Spit roasting, train fucking, double penetration, we did it all. We ended up fucking out in the pool, floating on one of the beds, sucking every last drop out of Brad’s cock, and then covering him with our salty spunk!

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Tommy likes Candy

In this long awaited comic, Christine wants Tommy to fulfill his dream. Tommy likes Christine’s clothes and always wants to wear them. Liking the idea of Tommy being a girl, Christine takes Tommy to the expert in making little girls, Smitha. Tommy will go home with Smitha but Candy will come out!