Ratman and Blobin


The year is 2050 and the Ratman and Blobin had taken on a new guise. With crime so low they’d had plenty of time to work out in both the gym and the sewing room. But peace was still not a given and if there was one thing a superhero disliked, it was baddies showering in public places, so when Batman and Robin heard that redheaded slut Scatwoman was washing her tranny cock in the local fountain, they jumped in the Ratmobile and headed out to investigate. Just as they suspected, the horny nympho devil was cleaning her hard ladyboy cock and douching out her tight tranny butt hole in full view of everyone, without a care in the world. As the two fearless superheroes got closer, ready to take her away, they realised how huge her dick had grown and proceeded to approach with some caution. As they got closer Scatwoman sensed their fear and pointed her massive meat towards them, ready to negotiate for her freedom. Pointing a large cock at two bisexual guys will only lead to one thing, and so the crazy orgy began. This was a sex party the likes of Goddamn City had never witnessed, with lots of forced throat fucking, tight ass fingering and deep penetration, the two cock hungry crime fighters were letting out all their sexual frustration and releasing hidden homosexuality on their new tranny fuckpuppet. Scatwoman had never taken so much cock, at first she was gagging on both cock heads in order to get out of trouble, but soon enough the deal was forgotten about and she was just choking on their super-big dicks for the thrill of it, desperate to get fucked and spunked over. Needless to say a fucking fun time was had by all, and after receiving a mammoth creamy cum facial, Scatwoman was set free, but not before exchanging phone numbers.

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Leaving Home

Lara Rejvenvud is not your ordinary every day kind of girl next door, she’s seen things and done stuff that would make even the most open minded worldly traveler blush. The rampant sex obsessed tranny explorer traveler the world leaving no hole left unfilled. We follow Lara as she sets off on her latest adventure.. Only this time Lara had barely left her neighborhood when the kinky fun began.. Lara waved goodbye to her parents and headed off into the sunset, only to realize she had forgotten her phone and headed back home. As she reached home again she could hear strange cries of pain and screams, so fearing th worst she burst in on her parents chambers to find her mum and dad elocked in a kinky 3-way orgy with a very well hung shemale escort.. She always wondered where she got her frisky side form, now it all made sense! She couldn’t help but watch as her father was the meat in a bi sexual anal sandwich, pounding her mamma in the ass whilst taking the big tranny cock in his own tight bum hole! Things only got kinkier form there as she watched her parents being used as filthy sex slaves to the hung and horny shemale. They were made to eat and worship shemale cock, being dressed as slaves, whipped and fucked liked dogs, and covered in tranny spunk. The things she saw were so extreme and dirty they gave Lara so many new ideas for her next adventure, watching her dad being tied up and toy fucked and her mother being pissed on, given a golden shower by the naughty nympho ladyboy, Lara had so many new things she now wanted to try.. To be continued.. For now in the first episode it only goes to the next expedition. A sincere scene of farewell to parents… And only Lara for a threshold as to a family private residence comes, probably in advance invited, the prostitute-shemale and begins a cheerful orgy. Here only Lara has at the wrong time returned behind phone left the house. Be continued.

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Mitch West wakes up to find himself stranded in another dimension. Imprisoned by the beautiful queen, Mia Isabella and used as a sex slave. Forced to suck her huge cock and take it deep in his ass. This is one probing he will never forget.

Naughty shemale Valentina Bittencourth

Valentina Bittencourth is alone and feeling naughty today right after class. Watch as this gorgeous young tgirl dances around teasing the camera while stripping out of her schoolgirl uniform. Can you gues what happens next? Yeah, she whips out her cock and jerks it furiously!

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Kendra and Katrina are on a third date that is full of sexual tension. They try to pay attention to the guide during their Armory Porn Tour, but the pent up desire to fuck each other coupled with the sexy talk about porn shoots from the guide, makes it so the girls can barely keep their hands off each other.
The tipping point comes when Katrina confesses she’s never used a strap-on and Kendra lights up like a Christmas Tree at the idea of being fucked by her hot date.

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Kendra strips revealing her own, REAL cock to Katrina and as expected, Katrina shoves her cock in her mouth for the first of many deep throating blow jobs.
This incredible switch scene gives each girl a good dose of their every desire. Kendra gets fucked and then gets to fuck both Katrina’s ass and pussy, switching back and forth between her holes. And when Kendra starts to cum with Katrina fucks her, Katrina slurps up her cum and they swamp it in a hot kiss!

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The Biggest Fan

Starring: Mireira
Story:Mireira is a one of a kind model. She has style, she has personality and she has some extra, which is a welcomed addition for her devoted fan, Darko. The man feels herself in the heaven when he can suck Mireira’s majestic cock until it becomes hard enough to wander into his ass. Mireira obviously knows her job when she takes care about the needs of her biggest fan.

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Big dick shemale Bianca Hills


Big cock tranny bombshell Bianca Hills is in action today topping a man’s tight ass raw and bareback. Watch as she feeds this guy her cock before stretching his ass to the max all with no condom. When she’s done with him, she tosses him down and pops a load all over him!

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A Hero’s Welcome

Little Linky had spent months fighting his way through the forests, defeating enemies, solving puzzles and finally slaying the evil Gamon to save the Princess Zeldina, keeper of the transforce of wisdom. Some had wondered why the princess had been captive for so long when she was believed to have special powers and a very secret weapon of her own, alas the young virile Linky had finally found Zeldina’s cell and when he opened the door to release her she was more than happy to see him, jumping straight into his arms and smothering him with kisses. All this time Linky had been very curious to ask Zeldina just what the transforce was! And whether it was true it had given her a secret weapon, but it was kind of hard to get a word or resist her kisses, as Zeldina was one smoking hot red-headed babe! The kisses became quite passionate and teen boy Linky was given free roam to run his hands over the Princesses womanly body, sliding his fingers over her soft, shapely curves, squeezing her juicy lady breasts and trying to reach down to feel her royal squish cove! But where Linky was expecting to find a ham wallet, he found his hand rolling over her panties and what felt like a fully erect pork steeple! Linky’s instincts were telling him this could be a trick and not the princess after all! But he was sprouting a large erecting of his own, and when the Princess offered to show him her secret weapon in full, and express all her transforce in naked glory, Linky went with it! In no time at all Linky was packing his salami into the princess’s smooth shaven ladyboy behind, spreading her ass and pummelling her hole with all the might he had left. Finally our young camp hero had become a man!

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Princess Nicolle Pool Fun

shemaletugjobs2Model: Nicolle Lima
Movie length: 14 minutes
Photos: 150

Nicolle Lima is a super sexy shemale with long dark hair, a curvy body and she loves to get playful on camera and show off her juicy shecock. She gave one hell of a show stripping out of her little black dress and high heels. Nicolle showed off her sexy ass and tugged on her girl pole getting it plump and standing at attention before she slipped into the pool bare ass naked. She looked very sexy playing in the pool with her sweet boobs bobbing above the water, her dark nipples pebble hard. This lovely t-girl doesn’t have a shy bone in her body and showed every inch of skin while she played with her pool toys and teased her shemeat. When Nicolle decided it was time to get serious with her stroking, she set on the steps leading out of the pool and rubbed her shecock until she was moaning and squirting her hot and sticky jizz load all over her hands and her stomach.

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Naughty Nurse video


Hello Doctor… here is the preview to me undressing and getting very naughty for you! Sit back and enjoy me stroking my rock hard cock while your temperature rises (and something else!). I wonder if you liked the sample I left for you, see you inside.