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Rachel, Christine and I had made a road trip to the casino out on the state line. We just wanted to let our hair down and gamble the night away, and we were certainly doing that. We had spent most of the night at the Roulette table, so long in fact the rest of the casino was almost empty apart from the croupier running the wheel. To make things more interesting we had started to make dares and more fun gamblesas we got loaded on the free drinks. It was getting so crazy, Rachel decided to throw all her money on black 7, and joked that if she won we should all strip off and fuck on the table in fornt of the shy croupier with whom we’d been flirting with all night. When the ball rolled into 7 and she’d won we were all in shock and began celebrating the big win. But before the croupier could hand over the winnings Rachel reminded us of the extra bet! We soon began making out, 3 way kissing, running our hands over each others bodies, slowly stripping off. I’m sure a croupier gets to see a lot of crazy things late at night, but I’m bet he’s never seen three horny tranny bitches making out on his table. He didn’t say a word as we rolled on to the table, naked, and begun our shemale threesome orgy. We were doing lots of spit roasting and sweaty sandwiches, everyone got a good ass filling and the table got covered in sticky ladyboy spunk!

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Kendra has just moved into the a new apartment with two other guys. She’s the only girl and but that doesn’t bother her. She’s just happy to have an apartment and a relatively clean bathroom.

In an attempt to be a good, new roomie, she decides to ask John if he needs anything from the store. When she approaches his door she, the sounds of plastic and pounding stop her in her tracks. She peers through the crack and sees John, grinding away on a real doll. He is fucking it so hard, he cums all over it. But that’s not all – then he takes the blind fold off the doll and gets a big cock out to shove up his ass. That’s the moment when Kendra interrupts and uses her secret knowledge to torment John.

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It was a blood bath! The zombies had taken over the high school, in fact they were savaging the whole neighborhood, eating anything with a pulse, ripping off limbs and chowing down on any piece of live flesh they could get their zombie hands on, and I was trapped in school, fearing the absolute worst! I thought I was dead and it was going to be a grim ending, but suddenly I heard the raw revving of a chainsaw, and I began to make out an image of someone sawing the zombies apart, coming to my rescue. I would never have guessed it was my hot classmate, Juliet Starling saving the day, bouncing around in her cheerleader outfit as she killed zombies left and right. As she beheaded the last zombie and cleared our path to escape she asked me if I was alright. I was still pretty scared but I nodded and I asked her if there was anything I could do to repay her for saving me. Juliet gave me the cutest wry smile and pointed towards her skirt. As she raised that pleated cheerleader skirt up I suddenly saw a large ladyboy cock! I’d never sucked cock before but I was so keen to thank her and she was kind and slow as she guided me on to my knees and slid her sooth ladylike cock deep into my mouth. It tasted amazing and it didn’t take long for me to get the hang of it, bobbing up and down on her dick, slurping and moaning as I did so. Juliet shot me another one of her adorable smiles and I knew she wanted to fuck my ass, and who was I to say no? She entered my tight ass with equal care, slowly sliding into my hole, working her meaty cock deeper and deeper until her ball were slapping against mine and I was begging her to ram me harder! I was cumming as she continued to fuck me. But I wasn’t done yet, and before Juliet could say anything I was back down on my knees working her cock with my mouth, slurping down her cum with a smile on my face, just in time for us to start kicking some more zombie ass.

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The Swing

Davey often passed the empty play ground on the way home, it used to be brimming with kids in the summer but since the new park had opened no one went there except for the cottagers and doggers late at night – not that this was the reason he still walked the long way home to pass it! One this particular afternoon Davey spotted a young girl on a swing but as he walked closer this young girl turned out to be not so you at all, and dressed in a silky white dress that flapped up in the wind, and some smooth white nylon stockings which gave him an instant erection.. Being the shy perverted type Davey was about to walk on, saving the image of the slutily dressed girl in his ‘wank bank’ ready to please himself in his room as soon as he got home, but just as he passed the girl shouted to him, asking for a push… Davey was so nervous he pushed the sexy little tramp too hard and she fell of the swing falling in a lump at Davey’s feet. With her legs spread and skirt lifted, Davey looked down to see a huge erect cock thrust up from her lap. He’s curiosity took over him and he reached down to touch this horny looking flesh pole. The tasty tranny was also over whelmed with lust and they began making out, there and then. They sucked, fingered and fucked every orifice they could get their hands on, pounding flesh and exchanging anal delight before finally celebrating their new found love and mutual exchange of creamy spunk.

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