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The Balloon Artist

I was travelling through Europe, in the South of Spain and trying to make some extra cash making balloon animals for the tourists along the beach, not only was it a fun way to make a bit of extra money, but it was also a great way to meet hot chicks! The girls found it quite cute, and even the fact most of them couldn’t speak English, it was easy as heck to flirt with them. One playful cute brunette managed to sneak a balloon out from my back pocket and whilst behind my back she blew it up and twisted it into a huge cock shape which she held in front of her pants for me to see. I was kind of shocked at first but I saw the funny side, and it was clear this babe wasn’t just flirting but she was horny for me. The next thing I know we are back at her apartment kissing like a couple on their honeymoon. She didn’t speak a word of English, but it didn’t seem to matter at first, our lips were too tied up eating each other’s face, but when I finally got her undressed I realised the balloon cock wasn’t just a bit of fun, she was telling me she was a shemale! I didn’t know what to do, I’d never touched another cock before, and certainly not one attached to such a hot looking girl, but I was feeling adventurous and in the mood to learn! She started out by showing me just how to suck good cock, blowing me off like a real pro. Then she bent over and I eased my hard dick into her tight ass hole and fucked her slowly, hoping she take the same care with my virgin behind! It wasn’t long before she was slapping me to fuck her harder , thrusting her ass towards me so my cock went deep inside and my balls slapped hard against hers. Soon we were both so horny it seemed natural as we changed positions and she began to pummel my ass with her man meat. After we had cum I could see the cock balloon she had made so I reached over and grabbed it, I wanted to keep a momentum of my new found love for tranny cock, as her warm sticky cum began to crust over on my chest..

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The Big Needs

Features: Nicole

Support the military! Nicole has always known that. When servicemen come in the Irish Pub, she always makes sure they get a free drink. Hitching a ride home from the pub, Nicole comes across a car full of sailors from the naval base. They do not have much time to find dates and find Amanda has a soft spot for sailors. Yes, you can say that Nicole loves semen!

To The Bone

Nora was fond of two things: fucking and boxing, and she thought that only Tup, one of the best trainers, could teach her the second one. And though Tup never trained girls, Nora’s persistence and, probably, her charming tits convinced Tup to give the girl several lessons. Nora was so excited to see her strong sexy idol on the ring several feet from her, that she could hardly hear his instructions, and when she was supposed to show her first pose and hit, Nora… knocked Tup out! And though Nora felt really silly and sorry, she took advantage of his dizziness and confusion and… seduced him! And we have to assure you: Tup truly enjoyed her awesome blow-job and… big, pretty dick!

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sheanimale18The beautiful shemale is crafted into a beautiful super soldier designed to seduce the world’s most powerful superheroes. Her job is to turn them into her sex slaves so they can’t be out saving the world and she is built to do it well. Her breasts are huge, her body is slim and tight and her cock is long and thick. No man will have the power to resist her and the first test of her new strength and power comes when she encounters a powerful superhero vanquishing the armies of her creators. She cannot allow that. The moment he lays eyes upon her he’s smitten. He can’t pass up the chance to spend the night with the hottie and her big cock is what truly enraptures him. He’s never taken it up the ass before but he figures if a girl this beautiful wants to peg him then he’s going to let her. He bends over and she slides her big shemale cock into his asshole and a groan of pure pleasure escapes his mouth. It’s even better than he thought it would be. After they fuck for what seems like forever she puts on her dominant outfit and he submits to being her slave.

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In The Thick of It: Mia Isabella Owns Your Dreams

Every breath fogs the tiny lens of the gas mask, blocking the dim view of the room. Hands spread and tied, legs bound to the post, his cock crammed into a chastity belt and covered with another chaste belt made for girls.
Mia slinks into the room, her latex dress slipping off her thighs as she walks. She is going to take what she wants today while he watches it happen but not by being allowed to look at her, no by only being allowed to see himself get fucked on screen, made to watch what he looks like when huge cock in his ass and struggling not cum while she strokes him perfectly.
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