Paying the Bill

I was having lunch at this small cafe I’d found hidden down an alley off the main drag. It was kind of quiet and a little weird, I never saw any other customers but the food was OK and the waitress was hot! She was a real classic redhead, long legs and a nice bit of meat on the bone, and best of all, she wore this skimpy uniform with naughty white stockings and a top open enough to show off her huge cleavage! I was trying to flirt with her and getting nowhere fast, I just couldn’t get her attention – that was until the bill came and I realised I’d left my wallet in the office! The waitress was super pissed, there was no talking to her. I remember her just grabbing me and dragging me out back, and then it was all a bit of a blur. The next thing I realise I was bent over the kitchen table – only now I was wearing a matching waitress uniform, with silk stockings rolled up my thighs and a skimpy dress showing off my breast.. ‘Holy shit!’ I realised I now had a set of massive tits on my chest, I was really tripping out – but at least they match my new bulging hips and bubble butt ass! The waitress was staring at me whilst ripping off her panties and clasping her huge hard-on, which was soon rammed into my tight virgin ass hole. The tranny bitch was drilling me hard over the kitchen counter, I didn’t have the power to fight her off, so I just strokes my own raging boner. She slammed and crammed me full of so much shemale cock I didn’t know whether I was crying in pleasure or pain, I guess it was both. Once we had both cum our huge warm loads I thought she was going to set me free.. No chance!. She straightened out my uniform, wiped off the spunk, and sent me to serve a young male customer who’d innocently just walked in..

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Sorority sister Natsumi

Word has gone thru Priya’s sorority about an Asian girl with a big dick. Natsumi, a Japanese futa, hears about this and gets extremely angry. When the local universities have a sorority formal party, Natsumi catches up with Priya and shows her who the head Asian ladyboy is in this sorority! Seems Priya now has a nemesis with big tits!

Afternoon Elegance

This is my favorite dress by far! Long black maxi dress with a big thigh split… HOT!! I love it and after a busy morning I decide to lounge around the house and caress my nice, smooth cock… if only I had somewhere to put it…

Horny Tarzan


Being “Lord of the Jungle” has its perks of course, especially when I run into damsels in distress that have no idea where they are. They’re in need of guidance and help, and I use that to fuck them someplace very uncomfortable. This one was a little more standoffish than the rest, and when I tore her clothes off, I realized why. This babe had a pecker about as big as mine, and she was pretty happy to see that I was pretty happy to see it! I took right to her massive boner, slurping and drooling up and down her cock while she giggled and played with her pillowy tits. When I noticed she was as hard as she was going to get, I bent over in the grass and offered up my asshole to her, which she was happy to slam. And did she ever fuck that ass! Holy shit, I don’t think I’ve ever fucked someone as hard as she did! She thanked me for it by getting on her knees and sucking me off, making me cum all over her mouth and tits. I hope that some more big titted shemales get lost in my jungle again!

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Sheer Bodystocking

Right guys and gals, I am going to get your temperatures reaching boiling point in my sexy sheer bodystocking and waist cincher. Nothing is hidden!! Easy access to my hard cock and tight ass and even my tits are on show so go ahead guys and blow off some steam!

Mona has never been in a porn. NEVER. She’s here to lose her porn cherry to the super sexy Franchezka who has a thick 7 inch cock and a fetish for stockings and feet.
Mona and Franchezka hit it off right from the beginning and the sexual tension builds like a volcano before erupting in some awesome sex!
Foot worship, stockings ripped and panties tore off, hard fucking on the desk and in the teacher’s chair, and a cum shot that soaks her face.


Forklifted Pt1

I could think of a thousand reason why a chick should never be given a job in a warehouse, and driving a forklift is just one of them. I’m all for having tits hanging on the walls of the lockers and toilets but seeing a large breasted, long legged babe driving a truck or moving some pallets just isn’t right, it’s distracting for one, and all my fears were confirmed when the dumb bimbo blonde ran me over! She hit me right on the ass and I fell to the grown rubbing my soar behind. When she came over to apologized I just yelled at her, but instead of acting like my wife and yelling back twice as loud, the young hot broad unzipped my pants, flopped out my cock and dropped to her knees, sucking my dick like it was her favorite flavored lollipop. She was starting to win me over as I took the lead and throat fucked her cute face, ramming my dick as hard and deep as I could, so that my balls slapped on her chin. We were soon both getting carried away and tearing off our overalls, and that when I saw the huge donkey dick swinging between her thighs! Not only was she ‘not’ a chick but she had the tight ass I’d seen, and was bending over a create screaming at me to fuck her! We fucked in so many positions, taking it in terms to ram our meet up each other’s ass and mouth, I just didn’t want it to stop, but it came to an abrupt end when the bosses daughter walked in on us going at it like rabbits!

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Shemale Thayna Lozada with female in 69 action

Young cutie Anny Lee gets a hold of her first shemale cock today and she loved it! Watch Thayna fuck this girls mouth, tits, ass and of course her pussy in this hot shemale on female hardcore scene. Nothing else like watching a phat ass chick ride a big shemale cock.

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Backpacking is exhilarating, scary and tiring and full of surprise. When you get a room at a hostel, there is no telling what can happen or who you will meet.
He’s been secretly filming her on his little pocket camera and when she discovers this instead of busing him, she has her own pay back plan in mind.
The devilishly sexy Annalise Rose tricks her room mate into letting her tie him up, convincing him to just let her have some fun. And when his nerves rise more than his cock, Annalise asks if he is having trouble getting hard because she is not. Off comes her dress and out comes her hard cock and now all Howard can do is hope she cums fast.

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Evening News

Ever see those women on the news and say, WOW, she is hot! Well, it takes a lot of make up, hair styling and the right clothes. Alexis is trying to close a deal to provide the wardrobe for all the female news anchors. All she has to do is get the approval of the bitchy lead anchor, Valerie Lane. This looks like a job for the big cock and sweet ass of Priya!

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